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Have you ever dreaded checking your mailbox or answering an 800-number appearing on your caller ID? That may describe you – and countless other Americans who are struggling to make ends meet in a difficult economy.  Some people are so stressed out about their financial situations that they may be tempted to look into a mirror and say, Help me I need money.

If that’s you, take a deep breath and relax. You can still obtain credit even if you’re out of work and being hounded by debt collectors. You may have bad credit through no fault of your own.  Many people are vulnerable to credit problems following extended unemployment or health problems. A lengthy hospital stay while uninsured could lead to tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Help me I need money could be uttered by a single parent desperate for money to repair her car so she can get to work and earn enough to keep putting food on the table. That and similar stories regarding financial struggles are played out across the country during difficult times.

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There is help available if you’re in this situation. Certain types of loans are available even if you have bad credit- even credit cards. Short-term, cash loans are the easiest loans to obtain with bad credit. These bad credit loans feature higher interest rates, but that’s unfortunately necessary because most people who apply can’t qualify for loans from credit unions or banks. Usually, approval on these kinds of loans is possible if you are at least 18, have a checking account in good standing, and a recent paystub to verify sufficient income for paying back the loan.

Other types of loans may also be available to you with bad credit. Car title loans are personal loans requiring the title to your car as collateral. These loans also feature higher interest rates because of the risk being taken by the lender.

Personal loans are also available from pawn shops, which will loan you money based on the value of work equipment or household goods you pledge as collateral. Another option is a “refund anticipation loan,” a loan extended to you as you await the arrival of a refund on your income tax return.

It’s important to use all loans responsibly, especially short-term loans because of their higher interest rates. If you’re really struggling – and remember, you’re not alone – accept a short-term loan with terms you can afford and pay it off according to the loan agreement.

Other options for credit or cash may be available if you’re in a bind. Investigate borrowing from your 401K or other retirement plan, for example.  If your credit isn’t completely shot, a credit union or other financial institution may offer you a personal loan if you have collateral, such as a car you own free and clear or an education fund on deposit for your children.  If you find yourself saying “Help, I need money,” just know there is likely an option for you no matter what your situation. Take the opportunity to use the money responsibly as you get back on your feet.




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